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TYREK PRATT  Elite Trainer

Tyrek, also known as Ty, is the owner of Against All Odds Health & Fitness. Ty holds a BS and an MS in Behavioral Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University. In addition, he went on to receive his PsyD in Behavioral Psychology. He also holds  the following certifications:

· ISSA (International Sports Science Association),

· ASFA (American Sports & Fitness Association)

· Life Coaching from American University of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

· Certified (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral therapy Life Coach Practitioner

Specialize in:

-Weight loss 


-Strength Training 

-Exercise Therapy 



I began my fitness journey in January of 2008. I aspired to change peoples’ perceptions of fitness and nutrition. Intrigued to figure out a way, I started learning everything I could about my field. I eventually discovered that I was interested to learn more about the psychology of fitness and nutrition.


My genuine interest in helping others has formed my fitness philosophy; rather than science, fitness is an art, and people will have difficulty reaching their goals without the right plan.

This belief is what sets me apart from everyone else. I work on developing the brain pathways to help clients work harder on believing in themselves. Once clients work to train their brains, they can change their perceptions of fitness and life.


In January 2014, I created what is now known as Against All Odds Health & Fitness. I aim to help everyone reach their fitness and life goals through education and motivation. While emphasizing the mental aspect of fitness, he also helps people with depression and anxiety in fitness training and life coaching.

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Our mission is to help people understand better health and fitness. Our faculty focus on the psychology of why our client comes to see us; with this approach, we can narrow down what's your obstacles, what's your barriers, and what's going to stop you from reaching your full potential. We focus on the client's ultimate long-term goal by teaching S.M.A.R.T goal setting. These goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound, with this better understanding of how to break down the approach to your fitness journey helps our clients live a healthy lifestyle. 

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