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F.I.T.E Fit Wellness

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We bring our wellness program to you to learn hands-on from our F.I.T.E. Fit Wellness certified instructors at the convenience of your chosen location. We implement a holistic approach to wellness. Our program includes mental and physical techniques which can be applied to all aspects of life. We provide individual, group, and workplace wellness programs. Engage in a fitness challenge with friends or coworkers, and everyone wins! Also, gym owners may find our martial arts program a great supplement to their current fitness regimen. Groups of any kind will find our customizable fitness program a great way to bond, have fun, and get F.I.T.E. fit!

Check out the book “Born to Brawl” by F.I.T.E. Fit owner Julian Rivera. A book about how the martial arts mindset helps in all aspects of life.




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Julian Rivera and F.I.T.E. Fit’s trainers are passionate about fitness. Whether your goals include losing weight, getting into shape, maintaining your fitness level, or taking your fitness to the next level, F.I.T.E. Fit will help you achieve your desired results. F.I.T.E. Fit’s fitness program incorporates circuit training, weight training, bodyweight exercises, and martial arts training to help you get a great workout while having fun. When you’re having fun, you burn calories without noticing it as much as when you perform a “boring” activity. F.I.T.E. Fit pushes your physical and mental limits because you’ll learn new things. Whether you are new to fitness or a current fitness enthusiast, F.I.T.E. Fit’s program is tailored to your fitness level with the intent to improve over time. F.IT.E. Fit will be your guide on your fitness journey.

Kristen Ashley

Grounded Soul Healing

Holistic Healing, Simplified

Grounded Soul Holistic Healing At Grounded Soul Holistic Healing, we believe in treating the whole individual; body, mind, and spirit. When we align all the facets of our being we can truly thrive in this world as our best selves. With varied practitioners in one space, we create a rich atmosphere to dive into your journey. We pride ourselves in offering a safe space for any person from any background and all identities are seen here.


For more information call Kristen Michalak at

860-841-2386 or visit our website at

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